AFV Cost Calculator

Launch the calculator by clicking the image above. 

Launch the calculator by clicking the image above.

The AFV Cost Calculator provides a quick way to compare the total cost of ownership in real dollars of AFVs. Click the image to launch the tool.

To use the dashboard, select a vehicle type, then a state. Total cost of ownership by category and vehicle drivetrain are presented below. The Basic calculator assumes you are using a public refueling station (so infrastructure costs are not included). If no state is selected, results display the national average costs.

Visit the Advanced dashboard (Pg 2) to explore the effects of miles traveled, fuel economy, and fuel price on the cost effectiveness of alternative fuels. Assumptions and references are given in the About page (Pg 3). All results are from Argonne National Laboratory’s AFLEET Tool 2016 rev1, which was released on May 12, 2016.

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