EV Infrastructure Corridor Development Toolkit

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This toolkit provides resources and information to support plug-in electric vehicle (EV) adoption through EV charging infrastructure development along travel corridors. This information addresses challenges to AFV deployment specific to stakeholders participating in the Oregon DOT / FHWA AFV Pooled Fund study. and stems The toolkit was developed following from a workshop held on July 28, 2015, hosted by ODOT and FHWA, along with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, titled “EV Infrastructure Corridor Development Workshop: Lessons Learned from the West Coast Experience.”

The EV Infrastructure Corridor Development Toolkit is comprised of two components: Resource Library and Workshop Materials. The items in the Resource Library have been selected to complement the workshop, and build upon the Workshop Materials. Together, the Resource Library and the Workshop Materials constitute a toolkit for state and local transportation departments and agencies that can be utilized to advance the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles across the country. Additional toolkits will be developed for future workshops conducted for this initiative.

Resource Library

The EV Infrastructure Corridor Development Resource Library is a compilation of curated resources related to EV corridors that can be utilized by transportation agencies and others involved in planning and developing EV charging infrastructure. Resources include reports and case studies of past projects, as well as plans, guides, and tools that can assist in future development. As the resources vary by location and topic, they can be easily filtered and sorted to find those most applicable to individual needs. Users are encouraged to contact us to suggest additional resources or others ways we can improve the Resource Library.

Workshop Materials

ODOT and FHWA, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, hosted the first workshop under this initiative, titled “EV Infrastructure Corridor Development Workshop: Lessons Learned from the West Coast Experience”, on July 28, 2015. Attendees included Clean Cities coordinators; federal, state, and local energy, environmental, and transportation officials; industry and non-profit representatives; and national laboratory personnel. The workshop featured presentations and discussion of the latest research and data collection efforts related to deployment of charging infrastructure along EV corridors, including the West Coast Electric Highway, and lessons learned to develop potential new corridors in the Northeast and other regions. Most speaker presentations are available upon request.

Purpose of Meeting and Introductions

This presentation introduces the purpose of the meeting and the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program. It includes information on the Clean Cities Program objectives, successes, staff members, and future strategies.

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