The era of the electric vehicle (EV) has arrived! City and state governments across the country are working at a rapid pace to expand the number of EV charging points. In the Western United States, coalitions of public agencies are working across state boundaries to create new “EV corridors” that link entire regions of the country. What are the barriers to EV corridor planning? How can public agencies build effective coalitions? What are the keys to successful EV corridors? Watch the 1.5-hour long webinar which features leaders of Western State EV corridors.


  • Diane Turchetta, Federal Highway Administration, discussed the National Alternative Fuels Corridor designations. See more here.
  • Tonia Buell, Washington State Department of Transportation, discussed development of the West Coast Electric Highway. See more here.
  • Zach Owens and Maria Eisemann, Colorado Energy Office, discussed the new multi-state “Rev West MOU” that seeks to create EV corridors across eight states: CO, ID, UT, NV, WY, NM, MT, AZ. See more here.
  • James Campbell, Pacificorp, discussed the three-state EV corridor planning activity in UT, ID, WY. See more here.
  • Geoff Morrison, The Cadmus Group LLC, discussed a new online toolkit aimed at helping public agencies plan new alternative fuel initiatives. See more here.

Watch the Webinar