We’ve added materials from the Southeast Alternative Fuel Corridor Convening.

The Alternative Fuel Toolkit can help you learn about alternative fuels and vehicles; plan your infrastructure and funding; and act using the AFV Action Guide, facilitation materials, and other resources. Resources were developed in conjunction with a set of national workshops and reflect the latest stakeholder-input and research.

Featured Materials on the Alternative Fuel Toolkit


Timeline of Alternative Fuels Development in the United States

The development of alternative fuels for on-road vehicles began decades ago. The Alternative Fuels Timeline gives you an immersive way to learn about the history of U.S. environmental and energy policy, key developments in the development of alternative fuel technology, and other major milestones.


Learn the fundamentals of alternative fuels and vehicles by exploring fact sheets, interactive graphics, and industry literature.


Explore online tools, maps, calculators and funding resources to help plan your next step in deploying alternative fuels and vehicles.


Take action on deploying alternative fuels and vehicles by using these materials.


The Alternative Fuel Toolkit is based on direct stakeholder input from five regional workshops. Explore materials from these workshops here.

AFV Action Guide for State and Regional Transportation Agencies